LeetCode 396. Rotate Function

LeetCode 396. Rotate Function

Given an array of integers A and let n to be its length.

Assume Bk to be an array obtained by rotating the array A k positions clock-wise, we define a “rotation function” F on A as follow:

F(k) = 0 * Bk[0] + 1 * Bk[1] + … + (n-1) * Bk[n-1].

Calculate the maximum value of F(0), F(1), …, F(n-1).

393. UTF-8 Validation

LeetCode 393. UTF-8 Validation

A character in UTF8 can be from 1 to 4 bytes long, subjected to the following rules:

For 1-byte character, the first bit is a 0, followed by its unicode code.
For n-bytes character, the first n-bits are all one’s, the n+1 bit is 0, followed by n-1 bytes with most significant 2 bits being 10.
This is how the UTF-8 encoding would work: