LeetCode 390. Elimination Game

LeetCode 390. Elimination Game

There is a list of sorted integers from 1 to n. Starting from left to right, remove the first number and every other number afterward until you reach the end of the list.

Repeat the previous step again, but this time from right to left, remove the right most number and every other number from the remaining numbers.

We keep repeating the steps again, alternating left to right and right to left, until a single number remains.

Find the last number that remains starting with a list of length n.


LeetCode 384. Shuffle an Array

Shuffle a set of numbers without duplicates.


// Init an array with set 1, 2, and 3.
int[] nums = {1,2,3};
Solution solution = new Solution(nums);

// Shuffle the array [1,2,3] and return its result. Any permutation of [1,2,3] must equally likely to be returned.

// Resets the array back to its original configuration [1,2,3].

// Returns the random shuffling of array [1,2,3].